How To Use Kitchen Translator

[1] Serving Portions

Select the number of portions and click on OK. If you do not need the number of servings, just skip it by clicking on SKIP.

[2] Entering the Ingredient

Enter the ingredient name (always one ingredient at one time) and click on OK. You have to click on OK whenever you enter something in the box. Enter a whole line including explanatory phrases like "finely chopped."
When you are translating Japanese ingredients, you can use HIRAGANA or KATAKANA phrases without using KANJI characters.

にんにくのみじん切り    サワラノキリミ
乱切りにしたにんじん    なすのらんぎり
たまご(L玉)     Finely chopped onion
Salmon steak, skinned
Carrot, peeled and choped into small pieces

If the translator fails to translate a relatively long phrase, try again with a shorter (simpler) one.

乱切りにしたにんじん -> 乱切りのにんじん / にんじん
たまご(L玉)-> たまご
Finely chopped onion -> chopped onion / onion
Salmon steak, skinned -> Salmon steak

[3] Determing the Amount

First, select a unit. If the unit requires a number, you will see a small box on the left. Enter the number. If the word or phrase that you have chosen does not need a number, no box will appear (e.g. pinch, dash, splash).

Some ingredients do not require a fixed amount (like salt and pepper). In that case, select "Amount Not Specified."

Some ingredients do not reauire a unit (e.g. one onion). Select "No Unit" for them.

[4] Next Ingredient

Click on OK after entering the number and you will see the translation in the box below. Click on NEXT to continue your translation.

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