English Japanese Food Dictionary

English Japanese Food Dictionary

An English-to-Japanese food glossary. It is not digital, but I'm sure that those who love to browse through old fashioned dictionaries will love it...

⇒ English to Japanese Food Dictionary

Japanese English Food Dictionary

A Japanese-to-English food glossary. The JE version is categorized by food type, as well as by hiragana. Covers a great number of food names you need to know to cook Japanese food.

⇒ VEGETABLE / FRUIT: Vegetables, fruits, canned or dried vegetables / fruits.
⇒ MEAT: Beef, pork, chiken, processed meat.
⇒ SEAFOOD: Fish, shellfish and processed seafood.
⇒ PASTA / CHEESE: Asian noodles, Italian pasta and cheese
⇒ SEASONING: Includes salt, sugar, sauce, alcohol, spice and herb
⇒ OTHER: Includes dairy products besides cheese, eggs, soy products, nuts, baking ingredients, jam, tea etc.

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