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A high-quality linguistic resource can never be created without a good editor. It should provide annotators a nice, intuitive interface. It is especially important when you are constructing a complicated tree structure by using xml or xml-like tags. We have developed our own xml editors and I will show you two of them here.


APPRIVOISER is a tool for editing xml (or xml-like) structured documents. It provides you a very nice tree view - nicely colored and very intuitive. You can expand or fold the tree just by clicking on nodes.

Text view of a structured document:

text view of an xml data


apprevoiser view 1

Expanding by one story:

apprevoiser view 2

Further expanding:

apprevoiser view 3

All the sories expanded:

apprevoiser view 4

The drop-down-list window for editing:


CestSiBon: Basic XML editor

We have created another editor called CestSiBon for simpler annotation (e.g. extracting named entities). It does not provide a tree view. You may think that a simple editor like this must be easily found on the Internet for free. But I had never been able to find such an editor! None of them had satisfied me...they always lack something.

C'est Si Bon interface

As you see, elements enclosed by < and > are shown in deep crimson color. You can change the color to whatever you like (color is a very important factor for a productive annotation, I believe).

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