Port of KOBE

Thank YOU very much for stopping by our site. Located in Kobe, Japan, we have been creating linguistic resources for NLP researchers / developers and linguists.

The translation tool KITCHEN TRANSLATOR was (and still is) created by me and a programer, my partner. I hope you liked it.

Creation of dictionaries and web design: Cape Daisee (me)
Programing: fukuchiki

Linguistic Resources

The SDD Language Factory has been creating linguistic resources for NLP studies for four years now. I myself have been doing this for about 25 years.

If you need any type of linguistic data, see our page of: Linguistic Resources
Or e-mail to me at: webmaster@kitchentranslator.com

The SDD Language Factory
Shimoyamate-dori, Kobe, Japan
e-mail: webmaster@kitchentranslator.com

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